Vulpilook of the week #15

Vulpilook of the week #15

Ooh no!!! The fox is so late!! He didn’t have the time to chose a proper outfit and took randomly anything he found in his wardrobe before jumping on his Vespa without thinking about it and… It’s a miracle! The fox still looks very stylish and dapper thanks to his natural sense of sprezzatura, which was clearly helped by the fact he bought everything on!

1. Belvest DB Coat

2. Suitsupply PoW Sport Coat

3. Poszetka striped shirt

4. Rayban cockpit sunglasses

5. Rinuccini grenadine tie

6. Gion (Vass) black suede bag

7. Longines watch

8. Berg & Berg flannel trousers SOLD

9. 180 Weston loafers

Please note that linked garments may be already sold.