Where to thrift classical menswear in Paris? The ultimate guide

Where to thrift classical menswear in Paris? The ultimate guide

Flee markets in Paris: where to find second hand classical menswear

1. Street flee markets

There are a lot of yard sales and flee markets in Paris and the surrounding cities. They mostly take place during October/November and March/April.

You can check on Vide-Grenier.org when and where these yard sales will take place. Make sure to select department 75 (Paris) but also 92 (Hauts de Seine) where inhabitants tend to dress more conservatively.

Fox tip: you will certainly find more interesting garments in wealthier areas!

2. Market of Place d’Aligre

This market is located place d’Aligre, Paris 12th district. It takes place every morning from roughly 8 to 12 AM.

You will find piles of garments and accessories where everything is incredibly cheap to specialized sellers who know their business. They may be much more expensive but their stock is curated. For example, you can find footwear from Crockett&Jones or Carmina for 150€ or less. They hardly have any qualitative garments however but they happen to display fine ready-to-wear from time to time so it’s worth checking.

3. Puces de Vanves (Vanves flee market)

This market is located south of Paris near Porte de Châtillon every Saturday and Sunday. It is specialized in antique furniture and decorum so you won’t find much menswear.

However, there is a particular stall where there is a pile of menswear. Dig in an you might find treasures such as high-end ready-to-wear or bespoke from underrated Parisian tailors! Jackets are 20€, trousers around 10€, ties and pocket squares are 3€. Be sure to arrive early (around 8AM) to have the widest choice.

This seller is located near the corner of avenue Lafenestre and avenue Maurice d’Ocagne.

3. Puces de Montreuil (Montreuil flee market)

This market takes place on Saturday and Sunday. It is located east of Paris near Porte de Montreuil.

There, you will find a small part dedicated to second hand and the biggest part where there is nothing of interest (low quality kitchen wares, sheets, streetwear…).

Within the part that is relevant for us you will find several stalls selling piles of garments. There are a lot of uninteresting clothes but with a bit of luck you can find very good Italian ready-to-wear such as Brioni, Caruso, etc, as well as bespoke garments from all around the world. Prices range from 5 to 12€ a jacket, 3 to 10€ for trousers. Shoes are more expensive though with prices from 30 to +100€ depending on the maker.

There are also some stalls that display suits and jackets on hangers. Those are much more expensive (from 60 to 200€) but you can find decent to extraordinary garments. It’s still a bargain at this price but less than a 5€ jacket of course! But hey, at least you don’t have to endlessly search a pile of clothes.

Bear in mind that you need to arrive early (around 8.30-9AM) to have the widest choices as sellers tend to have different arrivals each week.

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