Where to thrift classical menswear in Paris? The ultimate guide

Where to thrift classical menswear in Paris? The ultimate guide

Charity shops in Paris: where to find second hand classical menswear

Charity shops in France are all about Emmaüs but there are other shops such as well.

You can find incredible garments and accessories to these locations but one has to check very regularly. Some boutiques change their stock very often while others do not change for weeks.

Here are our favorite addresses for thrifting menswear in Paris and around:

1. Croix-Rouge

This charity shop is narrow and has rarely something new but hey, one never knows! Plus, it’s near Place d’Aligre (see previous page).

  • 103 Rue de Charenton, 75012 Paris.

2. Bis Boutique Solidaire

Bis Boutique Solidaire are a mix between a charity shop and a thrift shop. There a 3 addresses in Paris.

They have a wide classical menswear selection and one can regularly find high-end ready-to-wear as well as bespoke garments for 20-50€ a jacket and 40-80€ for a suit. Ties are around 12€.

  • 7 boulevard du temple, Paris 3.
  • 19 rue Lamartine, Paris 9.
  • 96 rue Saint Charles, Paris 15.

3. Apprentis d’Auteuil

Located in the wealthy 16th district of Paris, the Apprentis d’Auteuil is a foundation for teenagers in difficulty.

They also happen to run a thrift shop where you can regularly find interesting garments at quite decent prices: 20-50€ for a jacket, 30-100€ for a suit. Ties are around 10-15€ as well as pocket squares.

  • 40 Rue Jean de la Fontaine, Paris 16.

4. Emmaüs

Emmaüs are THE French charity shop. They are in every French city and were founded by l’Abbé Pierre in 1954.

Due to their proximity from wealthy Parisian districts, some Parisian Emmaüs are very interesting as they are often handed top-quality garments and accessories. Prices may range from 10 to 30€ for a jacket, 20 to 80€ for a suit. Ties and pocket squares are usually less than 5€.

There are plenty of small Emmaüs so here are our top addresses:

  • 32 Rue des Bourdonnais, Paris 1.
  • 54 Rue de Charonne, Paris 11.
  • 17 Rue de Chaligny, Paris 12.
  • 105 Rue de Clignancourt, Paris 18.
  • 124, 132 bis Avenue Pablo Picasso, Nanterre.

As a bonus, here are two Emmaüs located outside Paris. They are much bigger than their Parisian counterparts and hence have a wider menswear choice.

  • 7 Lieu dit Île de la Loge, Le Port-Marly (near Bougival).
  • 42 Rue Pierre et Marie Curie, Ivry-sur-Seine.

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