9 sartorial deals you missed on Vulpilist | Early November 2020

9 sartorial deals you missed on Vulpilist | Early November 2020

Vulpilist, the Sartorial Marketplace is THE place where to find second-hand classical menswear and deadstocks with hundreds of listings of fine garments and accessories.

Here are a few examples of the many items that you missed on Vulpilist for the first part of November 2020. Next time be sure to shoot first!

Vincent Crockett & Jones tassel loafers, handgrade. 180€.

Crockett & Jones’ finest.

Johnstons of Elgin Tartan lambswoolscarf. 40€.

An incredible quality of wool.

Ripstop camo jungle jacket of US Marine Corp dated 1969, size 36. 100€.

A stylish USMC military jacket dated from Vietnam era. Made with iconic ripstop fabric.

3 Sartoria Panico bespoke suits, size 40. 350€ each.

Incredible garments from Neapolitan master Panico at incredible prices! Panico was master cutter at Rubinacci’s.

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Drake’s handrolled silk tie. 55€.

The finest neckwear with superb hand made details.

Skolyx derbies brogues, grained calf, size 9. 100€.

Indestructible brogues from Swedish manufacturer Skolyx.

Vincenzo di Ruggiero hand made OCBD shirt, size 15.75. 50€.

Wonderful shirts made in Napoli. Several Vincenzo di Ruggiero shirts were sold on Vulpilist.

Do you also happen to have fine garments and accessories for sale? Do not wait another minute then and list them on Vulpilist! Meet a wide international community of enthusiasts who is craving for sartorial deals.