Where to thrift classical menswear in Paris? The ultimate guide

Where to thrift classical menswear in Paris? The ultimate guide

Thrift shops in Paris: where to find second hand classical menswear

By Thrift shops, we refer to second hand physical shops where sellers do not know what they are selling. You will thus find garments sold at a fixed price (all jackets sold for 3€ for example).

For us there is only one thrift shop where you can dig grailfinds at bargain prices.


Guerrisol / Guerrida shops are dirty, narrow, smelly. The garments are often dirty and wrinkled. Worst, they constantly broadcast very bad music. That’s the bad news.

Good news however, they have constantly new arrivals of classical menswear at incredibly low prices. Most of it is garbage but as they have a huge stock you can still manage to find great garments!

You will need to constantly come back to check their stock as they tend to change weekly to every three weeks. This is quite difficult to do as Guerrisol are scattered all across Paris.

Guerrisol racks are often full of jackets and suits. If you are lucky you can find fully canvassed garments as well as bespoke ones from all around the world.

Prices range from 3 to 15€ for a jacket, 10 to 30€ for a suit, 10 to 40€ for coats. Ties are between 3 to 5€.

Here is the Vulpilist selection of the most interesting Guerrisol shops for classical menswear:

  • 115 avenue d’Italie, Paris 13.
  • 90 Avenue du Général Leclerc, Paris 14.
  • 13 Avenue de Clichy, Paris 17.
  • 34 Avenue de Clichy, Paris 17.
  • 96 bis Boulevard Barbès, Paris 18.

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